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brooklyn, new york based graphic/web designer. digs traveling, photography and ugly shoes. obsessed with nail polish & candles. image consultant in training. world champion. @alissanichole

sometimes i write here: rhymes with melissa.


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original tiffany lamp. #originallyremixed #art (at Brooklyn Museum)

original tiffany lamp. #originallyremixed #art (at Brooklyn Museum)

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I will know my life is successful when I have a library with a rolling ladder

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Every Thing You Need to Know About Online Dating: An Expert's Take →


I set up a few online dating profiles, but I don’t actively use them to meet people. Here is my expert take on five of the most popular sites. You’re welcome, and feel free to PayPal me for my services.

1) Match.com: I have two Match profiles out in the world, but I can’t login to delete them…

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turnt. (at MTA Subway - Clinton/Washington Aves (G))

turnt. (at MTA Subway - Clinton/Washington Aves (G))

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march 21 | weekly wrap-up.
  • when you don’t tweet for a week, you miss a lot. but i didn’t miss much at all. yes, i was that person that had a fear of missing out. but this time, it was nice to get away from all of the noise and it was a true test in me not SAYING everything that pops into my head/happens to me, but just sitting with it instead. i have also noticed that i spend a lot more time talking people to death. that works for me, because i’m trying to improve my social skills (mainly carrying on/continuing conversations)… but i just need to strike that balance. i’m still trying to limit my time and interactions on twitter, though.
  • my other blog’s blogiversary is coming up. i’m trying to organize a big event (meaning open to the public) to celebrate. my biggest hurdle is finding the venue and i’m questioning whether i have the skills to pull this off… but i’ve planned trips and (my own) parties. and i’m an all around awesome and determined person, so i go in and out of being confident and being worried. this is a big learning experience for me… because i’m realizing i need to ask for help.
  • at the end of the month, i will be 2 classes away from obtaining my image consulting certificate. and again, i will have to ask for help… because i need people to practice on.

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i LOVED this song when i was a little kid…

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